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Data Transfer

When a visitor downloads information from your Web site, data is transferred from your site to that person's computer. Data Transfer bandwidth is the total amount of data that can be downloaded from your Web site each month. The amount of data transferred is measured in gigabytes.

Disk Space

Disk space is the maximum amount of storage space that you have available to upload pages to your Web site. These pages will be stored on your Web server. The amount of storage space that the pages occupy is measured in megabytes.

Email POP Boxes

A POP (Post Office Protocol) account is a standard email account that you can access using an email client like EarthLink MailBox, Outlook, or Eudora. When you create a POP account, you're dedicating a place on your Web hosting server where the account stores and accesses email messages. Using a POP account lets you have access to messages that you have downloaded even when you're not connected to the Internet.


An autoresponder is an automatic reply for your email account that you can create and customize. For example, using an autoresponder could mean that all messages sent to receive an automatic reply when you're out of the office or away on vacation.

Mailing Lists

The Mailing List feature allows you to send the same email to a group of people who have opted to receive messages from you. Any email message that you send using this feature will be delivered to everyone who has subscribed to your mailing list.

Control Center

The Web Hosting Control Center ( is a one-stop shop for managing your EarthLink Web site. Here you can view statistics for your Web site, find tech support resources, set up extra email boxes, manage your files, and authorize other people to assist you in maintaining the site. Activate free features like the bulletin board, guest book, and hit counter. You can even download a free Marketing Guide. Be sure to visit the Control Center frequently. We are adding useful new tools all the time!

Email Forwarding Addresses

Email forwarding addresses (or email aliases) allow you to automatically redirect email from one account to another. Using email forwarding, you can set up several email aliases that forward messages to addresses at your domain to one mailbox. For example, you can configure your settings so that all messages sent to and are automatically forwarded to

Password Protection

Password Protection lets you restrict access to certain areas of your Web site. You can designate a username and password that visitors must provide to enter these restricted areas. This is useful if you want create pages that are viewable to specific customers or employees, for example.

FTP Access

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) programs let you upload and download files to your Web site. Using an FTP program like WS_FTP, CuteFTP, or Fetch, you can change and update what people see when they visit your Web site online.

Microsoft FrontPage 2002

Microsoft FrontPage 2002 is a popular program used to create and upload Web pages. EarthLink is a registered Web Presence provider for this program. Microsoft FrontPage 2002 for UNIX does not support the following features:

  • Active server pages
  • ODBC and MS SQL database connections (Access, FoxPro)
  • ActiveX
  • VBScript

RealMedia and Windows Media streams deliver real-time audio and video content to people who visit your Web site. EarthLink limits the number of audio and video streams you can offer on your site to five per Web Hosting account.

CGI script support

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) allows your Web pages to interact with applications (or "scripts") that you've uploaded to your Web server. CGI programs are useful for creating dynamic Web pages with features like page counters, Web-based bulletin boards, and sophisticated Web form handling.

CGI E-mail Form

This classic form-processing script lets Web forms send their submissions to email addresses rather than saving submissions to a file or database. This feature is only available on our UNIX hosting platform.

Hit Counter

This CGI script allows you to track how many people visit your Web site.

phpBB Forum

phpBB is one of the most popular ways of adding forums to a Web site. The straight forward administration interface lets you get up and running quickly, while phpBB's flexibility lets you customize the look and feel of your forums to match your Web site. This feature is only available on our UNIX hosting platform.

Advanced Guestbook

A guest book is a logging system that allows visitors of a website to leave a public comment. Advanced Guestbook is a powerful PHP-based guestbook script that includes many useful features such as preview, templates, e-mail notification, picture upload, and emoticons (smileys). This feature is only available on our UNIX hosting platform.

Perl Debugger

This CGI script allows you to check the validity of Perl scripts on your Web site.


PHP is a scripting language that lets Web developers build dynamic content into Web pages. PHP is used in a UNIX development environment in the same way that ASP scripting is used in a Windows development environment.

MySQL Database

MySQL is a database solution to help you efficiently store, access, and manage information, as well as dynamically create Web pages and Web page content. Each Web Hosting account now includes 25 databases that can store up to 200MB of data each. Backup your database regularly using the new phpMyAdmin tool. This feature is only available on our UNIX hosting platform.


When a visitor downloads information from your Web site, data is transferred from your site to that person's computer. Bandwidth is the total amount of data that can be downloaded from your Web site each month. The amount of data transferred is measured in gigabytes.

Web Site Statistics

Keeping track of Web site statistics allows you to measure how many people visit your site and which pages are the most popular. Using a Web site statistics program like Urchin Web site software, you can measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, monitor your site's traffic and bandwidth, and compare current and historical data.

Site Builder

A site builder is a basic Web site publishing tool. Using a site builder, you can create and publish Web pages from any computer with an Internet connection without purchasing or installing any additional software. EarthLink's online publishing tool is powered by Trellix, a template-based Web site builder that's free for EarthLink Web hosting customers.

Web Logs (Blogging)

A Web log is a templatized Web page that's extremely easy to update. Web logs are commonly used as personal journals that are updated daily or often and posted online. The term "blogging" means posting information using a Web log. For example, a hotel Web site might use a Web log application to post local weather or a list of daily events and activities. All hosting platforms offer blogging tools from within the Trellix Site Builder. Our UNIX packages offer additional blogging tools with WordPress. More than just a blog-management tool, WordPress gives you powerful content-management functions to build and manage your entire Web site. And the numerous free WordPress plugins can extend the capabilities of your site indefinitely.

Miva Merchant 5

Create an online store with nothing more than a web browser. Flexible, reliable, expandable and easy to use.

ASP.NET support

ASP.NET is a unified Web development platform that provides services for developers to build enterprise-class, dynamic Web applications.

ADO.NET support

ADO.NET is a data-sharing application that lets Web developers retrieve, manipulate, and update data.

ODBC support

ODBC Data Sources control access to your database. A Data Source Name, or DSN, is used by an ASP application to reference a database. The DSN describes important information about your database, including its path and the ODBC driver used to access it.

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